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John Locke
John Locke

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PostSubject: Recruitment   Sun Apr 06, 2008 10:30 pm

The Dharma Intiative is interested in signing knew members.

We are a top 50 alliance. We have excellent ideas and strategies for new concepts as an alliance. We can offer protection, help with resources and great advice. I personally believe that at least 2 of our newest strategies are original and are going to knock the pants off some of the other alliance.

Dharma has three sienor members with loads of experience.We are currently working on our newest strategy and its gonna be a doozy.

This alliance has changed quit a bit since it's conception, our goals, values and consistency have changed by leaps and bounds.

There is room for advancement with in the ranks.Ranks are not just tittle but serve as priorites for certain missions.

We are looking for players who have atleast 2k in points but we will try out smaller players.Communication is a must and so is activeness.

If you are interested in joining an amazing alliance that is very motivated and invested please apply in game.

If you are not sure how please message me and we can set it up.

Or any Q can be left on the open chat peice on this forum.

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